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9 out of 10 customers setup automatic bill pay and create an account to enjoy these benefits:

  • View your bill and see your most recent payment activity
  • See your historical electricity usage by month
  • Update your account information such as adding a new service or moving to a new address
  • Renew your plan (when the current contract term ends)
  • Have the opportunity to get a $25 credit towards your bill through our Refer-a-Friend program
*Please note that the email address entered will not automatically be used to receive electronic messaging (e-communication, e-bill). paperless billing (eBill). If you would like for To set up this email address to be used for such communication,once you log into your account please follow these easy steps:
  • Click on the link for ”Preferences”
  • Select Yes for eCommunications eBill
  • Click on the “Update Email” button
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